12 February 2009

New Datasets

It's spring cleaning time at Data Wrangling. I've bookmarked 230 new datasets since publishing my first dataset linkdump in January 2008, so at the request of @mrflip, I've appended them to the original post along with a json dump of the tagged links. Flip and the other Infochimps will be pulling anything they might have missed into the infochimps.org dataset repository.

You can check out the new list of datasets at the same url:
"Some Datasets Available on the Web"

Around 85 of these datasets can be redistributed publicly: http://delicious.com/pskomoroch/redistributable+dataset. The rest are mostly free for academic use, but the license conditions vary. Some appear to adhere to the terms on http://opendefinition.org/

New Video Courses

In addition to the datasets, my bookmarks included 20 new video courses since the original video lecture post was published in April, 2008. These are mostly graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Among these are full video courses in Parallel programming, Loop Quantum Gravity, Machine Learning, Financial Markets, and other fun subjects.

The new videos have been added to the post:
"Hidden Video Courses in Math, Science, and Engineering"

Videos of Talks & Seminars

As an added bonus, here is a completely unorganized list of interesting programming, machine learning, and visualization talks which caught my eye in 2008: